About Us

Bierba is a company that specialises in the distribution of responsibly conceived beauty and personal care products. Thanks to its sales and consultancy network, it operates throughout Italy, with a focus on pharmacies, para-pharmacies, herbalist shops, and specialised shops.

A subsidiary of Antica Erboristeria Spa – Società Benefit, certified as a B Corporation, today Bierba is part of a group of virtuous companies, whose ethical and environmental commitment forms an integral part of its goals.

Companies classified as Benefit Corporations undertake to conduct business with a positive impact on people and the planet, reconciling profit-seeking with ethical and environmental sustainability goals, a new paradigm to meet society’s current needs, when companies are called upon to actively contribute towards positive change.


Our ambition is to be able to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly aware of the quality of products and their manufacturers. We select and develop our product portfolio based on the principles of respect, responsibility, transparency, and sustainability, as we believe that each Brand can help change the world.

We distribute beauty and personal care products made with high-quality ingredients, formulas that respect the health and well-being of their users, and carefully selected plant extracts. We pay attention to how packaging is conceived: recycled or recyclable, multi-use and, in general, such as to prevent useless waste.


All brands distributed by Bierba share a common goal: they offer solutions that combine consolidated scientific experience with respect for the environment.

From body cleansers and hair care products all the way to facial treatments, the brands we offer are for all consumers who, in choosing their personal care products, opt for eco-friendly concepts, that are also effective and a pleasure to use.

Bierba team

As Antica Erboristeria distributor, Bierba operates in Italy through a widespread network of agents, via pharmacies, para-pharmacies, herbalist shops, and the most important marketplaces of the sector. As well as sales, Bierba provides marketing support, from strategy and trade marketing, digital channels and social network management, all the way to logistics management of organisational, administrative and strategic processes from the supply to the end distribution of the products. The corporate Academy aims to guarantee continuous training of all internal staff, pharmacists, herbalists, sales personnel and consumers, so that the products of our portfolio can be used in the best possible way. Consumers are our top priority; we offer them a wide range of assistance services to meet their expectations exactly.